For Bear Watching, Finland is the Place to Go

For excellent bear watching, Finland is ideal. From a purpose-built hideout you have the chance to see these magnificent beasts in the wild.

If you’ve always wanted to go bear watching, Finland is an excellent destination to consider. During the summer, when the country enjoys 24 hours of daylight, the chance to see the Brown Bears is great. Specialized wildlife travel companies offer packages that take you deep into the heart of the taiga forest, where these majestic animals make their home. You can spend the night with purpose built hiding, watching elusive creatures interact and socialize in their natural environment. It is truly a humbling experience.

Interesting Bear Watching Experience

Finland is an ideal destination for bear viewing and, with companies offering short walking breaks throughout the summer months, there are plenty of opportunities. The Brown Bear is, in fact, Finland’s national animal, and there are currently around 1000 in the country.

Mid April to early June is a good time to go bear watching; The Finnish bears have just woken up from their current hibernation and are very hungry. After this, the rutting season started and they had no interest in eating, making them even more difficult to understand. The best viewing times are July and August when they are relaxed and not busy developing.

Based in the heart of Scandinavia, the Martinselkonen Nature Reserve is one of the most popular bases for this kind of vacation. Located in Suomussalmi, close to the Russian border, the reserve is known for successful sightings and on some nights up to 15 animals have been seen at once.

In the nature reserve there are two log cabins about 1.5 km from the main accommodation.

Located in Scotch pine forest, this hideaway is set in well-lit openings, perfect for watching wildlife. The skins have ample room for up to six people to take photos at once, and they are equipped with bunk beds and chemical toilets. After spending the night in the hideout, visitors return to the main accommodation for a delicious breakfast.

But it’s not all about bears.

Around the Martinselkonen forest, nest boxes have been hung to encourage Pygmy and Ural Owls, the Siberian Tit and the Pied Flycatcher, among other bird species. Apart from that, you may also be lucky enough to see a Wolf or Wolverine. During the day there are plenty of opportunities to explore the surroundings, take a solitary walk, or join a guide for a more informative visit.

For a great wildlife vacation that offers optimal opportunities for bear watching, Finland is one of the best destinations.

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