Finland: Pioneer of Accessible Adventure

In the event that access is disabled, the holiday to Finland cannot be topped. It is a beautiful and forward-thinking country that has made many of its sites accessible.

Finland is one of our favorite vacation destinations in Can Be Done. It is a country that is forward-thinking and progressive, but also very beautiful with wild winter landscapes. For those looking for a unique break with easy disability access, a vacation to Finland is an excellent choice and we have some fantastic options for you to consider.

Accessibility and Inclusivity

Since the 1970s, Finland has worked hard to establish itself as a pioneer in terms of equity and accessibility. In recent years, many cities across the country have stepped up their efforts and made their cultural attractions, buildings and services highly accessible to everyone, regardless of disability or age. This is especially noticeable in the great capital city of Helsinki, which is very easy to navigate and accommodates wheelchair users. As such, an important part of this country’s identity, you will also find that Finns tend to be very helpful and friendly – which only adds to the country’s charm.

Culture Accessible Highlights

Culture and tourism are major areas that have been targeted for improvement – this is especially good news for less mobile tourists, as I know that it can be daunting to visit foreign countries when accessibility is an issue. Accessible entrances and exits, toilets, seating, signage, and auditory induction loops are all common places in many major travel destinations.

Even historical buildings have been adapted, including the famous Helsinki Cathedral which now has a wooden ramp on the other side of the church. The 700-year-old Turku Castle is now also accessible thanks to the renovated entrance, lift and toilets. Previous clients have found this area to be very easy and enjoyable.

Music Festival

If you are a music lover and partial to the occasional festival, then you might want to plan your trip around one of Finland’s lively music festivals. Helsinki’s popular Flow Festival in August has a pre-planned site taking care of wheelchair users, including a podium on the main stage so you can get an uninterrupted view of the big action. Those helping someone in a wheelchair can get free tickets to Flow, which is also possible at the Turku Ruisock Festival in July.

Great Outdoors

Finland is perhaps best known for its stunning Arctic background, which might make you think that it’s not a particularly ideal place for disabled travelers. You will be surprised, as many national parks and other outdoor areas have made efforts to accommodate everyone. Even in the great outdoors, you’ll find nature trails that have duck boards, ramps and extensive fences in the swimming area, as well as wheelchair-friendly cottages and cottages. In terms of disabled access, holidays here can be simple and stress free – especially when compared to other destinations.

Arctic Access

Even venturing deep into the Arctic doesn’t cause too much trouble in Finland. Lapland’s wild winter setting has a vibrant and colorful capital called Rovaniemi, where there are plenty of fun outdoor activities and cultural attractions. With a little help and advance notice, travelers with disabilities will be able to embark on snowmobiling tours, deer safaris, and easily get around the vibrant and fun city center. Ask us to integrate this visit into your itinerary!

We have a portfolio of accessible hotels in Finland that will make your trip relaxing and easy for people with disabilities to access. A vacation here will be a once in a lifetime experience and showcase wild beauty like you’ve never seen before. Call our team today on 020 8907 2400 to learn more about this unique, progressive and impressive country.

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