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    Finding the Finnish Brown Bear

    Bear tours can take you many places, but have you ever considered Finland? Home to Brown Bears, Finland is an excellent place to watch Bear. If you are considering taking up one of the wonderful bear tours offered by the top specialist wildlife travel companies, you may be somewhat surprised at your choice of destination. Finland is one of the lesser known destinations for bear tours but offers many wonderful opportunities to see these impressive creatures. Finnish Brown Bear The Brown Bear is, in fact, Finland’s national animal, but it is estimated that there are only about 1000 left in the country – as a result they are now a…

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    What’s it Like Living in Finland?

    There’s a lot to like about Finland, one of the world’s most stable and economically impressive countries. Unfortunately, a lot of Americans seem blind to it, and have never visited Finland, let alone debated living there. It’s important to remember, however, that what we have in Finland—a stable and professional economy—is not something that every country can offer to their civilians. And that stability has produced the country’s greatest success story: the Finns. So here’s some advice, straight from one of Finland’s own, for anyone looking to improve his or her international status—and who also plans to set a good example for the rest of the world: spend a couple…